Wednesday, January 28, 2015

In Fact


  1. "... "Pleasing you ALWAYS makes me happy, Shawna... Especially with how much more pleasure you get with my lips soft & puffy like they are now!!! And with the way you come so hard when I push my big, round titties in between your sopping-wet labia before I tease your clit to orgasm with my stiff nipples... My hard times are getting even... harder! I know I can't use my thingy inside you, Shawna, but... Maybe you could use your pretty, pink strap-on to make me... I know it's a lot to ask, Shawna, but I'll clean my cage up afterward! And ... I ... I really to my changes being complete! Letting me have one last orgasm with my icky boy-bits won't hurt... will it!?!! ..."

    Sorry if I turned this too far around, Shawna. But I just couldn't help imagining 'you' looking at 'me' with my curly locks cascading over 'my' lovely breasts and looking down to see the silly flesh straining against its containment while I plead for some compromise of release! Honestly, you would love to use that appliance to the point of making my last bit of boyness ooze all over my smooth, sexy belly! ... Wouldn't you!?!