Saturday, December 7, 2013

Birthday Sex

So most guys get to have birthday sex.  I was no exception.  Sort of....

I was told to get on my knees, and start by giving oral to her dildo.  I had my hands put into fist then taped, with black electrical tape.  

My wrist cuffs were fastened to my neck collar.  A metal dental gag was inserted into my mouth. To keep my mouth wide open. 

 And nipple clamps put on my nips. She spit in my mouth, I thanked her. 

I laid on my back with pillows under my ass.  Legs in the air.  

She enters me.  With long slow strokes.  She increased and fucked me until she tired...  

Then she unfastened my wrist cuffs.  She cut the tape off one hand.  And took my chastity off.  

I flipped over in doggie position.  She entered me from behind. The dental gag still in.  My face pushed to the floor.  It gets covered in my own spit and drool.  

She starts to fuck me harder.   I was allowed to play with myself until I had a screaming orgasm.  

I screamed like a girl.  Shaking all over after I came.  I was made to lick my own cum off the floor.  

She puts her shoe on the back of my head and forces me into my own cum.  I collapse in a shaking mess...  

That's my birthday sex.  

Thank you Mistress.

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