Friday, April 26, 2013

A New Beginning (fiction)

Emma, my wife, was straddling me, pinning my arms down and slowly moving up and down on me, the head of my cock just inside her vagina. She was teasing me and it was exquisite!

Her voice sounded almost honey-like as she continued to fuck me like this, nice and slowly, keeping me close to coming, but at the same time not letting me sink right into her.

‘Are you sure about this honey?’ Emma asked. I’d recently confessed my fantasies to her and, rather surprisingly to me, she had not been as shocked as I’d thought she would be. Indeed, she had agreed to do something about them and we had been hashing out the details over the last few days.

As I lay there underneath her she continued ‘You do realize that very soon it could be someone else lying where you are now whilst I do this? Someone I don’t even know yet – or maybe someone I DO know!’ This thought seemed to intrigue her as she carried on talking ‘They will be fucking me – your wife – and filling me with their cum instead of you!’

My wife grinned at me wickedly as she said this and, at the same time slid all the way down me for the first time. I groaned, desperately trying not to come. ‘And you won’t be getting any more of this from me!’ she added.

Emma then leaned forward so her gorgeous creamy white breasts dangled in front of my face. ‘You will no longer have access to these’ she whispered ‘and you know how much you love my breasts..?’ I craned my head forward to try and take one of her nipples into my mouth but my wife quickly pulled away, giggling softly. ‘Oh no! No more tits for you, you horny little sissy!’ she declared. ‘That boat has just sailed I’m afraid. We might as well start how we mean to go on don’t you think? It will be good practice for you if you are truly serious!

What was I doing? Was I nuts to have allowed my fantasies to get the better of me? The reality was literally staring me in the face. I was crazy about my wife’s tits and sexy, hairy cunt. And now, not only was I voluntarily giving them up – I was – God, was I going to regret mentioning this to Emma? She seemed to be adapting to her role very enthusiastically – suspiciously so… And yet… it was still making me horny as hell, thinking of what might happen if I accepted the proposed agreement. My thoughts were interrupted as my wife continued to tease me with her words.

‘You do realize that I will have total control over you? You will have to do everything I say – everything I COMMAND!’ She said these last words with a glint in her eye and a hint of steel in her voice. ‘You did agree to that didn’t you? That’s what’s written in the contract. You will have no money or possessions of your own and you will submit to whatever I demand.’ Her voice had returned to its silky tones. ‘However humiliating or degrading…?’ She slid up and down my shaft once more, driving me close to climax. ‘DIDN’T YOU!’ she hissed. I gulped and nodded my agreement, just about managing to gasp out a hoarse ‘Yes!’ to her question without pumping her full of my cum.

Emma paused for a moment and then spoke again in a more normal, matter of fact voice ‘I want you to understand that there will be no going back. Once you have signed the form next to my own signature I will effectively own you. You will be mine to do with as I please. I can and will discipline you as often and as hard as I see fit – and understand me – it WILL be often!’ She paused, then ‘I may, of course, decide to delegate your punishment to others – friends perhaps, or lovers. Maybe even family…’. She let the word linger, and I gulped. Was this more than I’d bargained for – or was it exactly what my subconscious desired? But Emma hadn’t finished yet ‘I may also decide to scold you and punish you in public – after all, humiliation is an important part of this isn’t it? That is what you explained to me?’

You will be placed in chastity, with no conjugal rights unless I permit it – which is highly unlikely…. You will serve as my maid and, of course, I will take lovers to my bed.’ She paused again, then continued ‘MY bed and not yours.’ She emphasized.

My wife now looked at me quizzically. ‘You agree to all this AT YOUR REQUEST, and at the same time you also wish me to feminize you? Dress you as a Sissy? A Maid? She whispered these last words whilst at the same time emphasizing them, perhaps seeking the reassurance we both needed, still not quite able to fully comprehend what I was asking for and why.

‘You want me to make you a Sissy Faggot? Make you suck cock and eat cum like a Sissy cum slut…’. As she said this my excitement at her words finally tipped me over the edge and I exploded inside her, filling her gorgeous cunt with my cum. Emma looked down at me for a second, fully aware that my reaction had answered her question more effectively than words.

‘This will be the last time you have the privilege of being in my pussy. You understand that don’t you?’ she slid up and down on my one more time and then lifted herself up so I slipped out of her. She then slid her way up me until her dripping pussy was just above my face, my cum already oozing out.

‘So be it’ She said ‘you can have a “last meal” before we make this formal’. Emma then lowered her wet cunt onto my face and I started to lick and lap my jizz from her pungent pussy. ‘Enjoy it, my darling, pathetic, sissy husband’ she said, smiling sweetly down at me. Then her voice changed, a slight dominating jeer coming to the fore.

‘Just think, the next time I consider letting you do this, it will be the thick white creamy spunk of another man you will be lapping up. How does that make you feel, my little fairy…? You don’t mind me calling you a fairy do you?’ My wife hesitated, considering ‘ - You fucking little fairy’ she said thoughtfully, looking me in the eyes. ‘I like that – it suits you’. She again paused for a moment. I could feel her contract her vaginal muscles, forcing the cum from her pussy into my mouth. Then, as she finally climbed off of me;

‘I hope you enjoyed yourself because that’s the last time you will come in me‘ she stated matter of factly. ‘And I’m pleased you haven’t changed your mind – I would have had to change my plans’ she said mysteriously. ‘This pussy is no longer yours. I cannot, and will not permit a self-confessed sissy wimp of a husband like yourself to come in me again. From now on my pussy will only be available to REAL men!’ As she said this she put the contract in front of me. Emma’s own signature was already in place. Emma handed me a pen and, swallowing with trepidation and shaking slightly I signed on the dotted line.

‘All right then’ Emma said formally ‘as you are sure, I agree to be your Mistress Wife from now on. And you!’ Her voice became stern once again ‘will now refer to me only as Madame Emma. Do we understand each other?’

I paused for a moment, and then replied obediently ‘Yes, Madame Emma’.

A wicked smile appeared on my wife’s face. ‘Good’ she said briskly ‘Now, go and fetch the cane whilst I call my Mum and a few friends – I’m going to need to explain the change in our circumstances!’ Now she was grinning at me like the cat that had got the cream. I gulped, not wanting to think about the conversations she was about to have, and did as I was told.

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