Wednesday, December 5, 2012

“Well I bet this wasn’t what you expected on your wedding night, was it. Your new wife jetting off on her honeymoon with the Best Man and you here with the Mother of the Bride.
“Don’t worry dear, she left me with the key to your little cage. I bet you didn’t know that device was my idea did you? Has it been frustrating? Such a long engagement, I bet you are just dying to be free of it?
“Well you are going to have to wait a little longer I’m afraid. Oh, don’t pout, if you respond well to my training I may let you out to play for a while.
“You look so confused. Do you remember when I had you help me in the kitchen that first weekend we were introduced? When I joked that you would make someone a good little wife one day? Well it wasn’t a joke. I promised my little girl that I could turn you into the perfect housewife, and now I have just four weeks to make good on that promise.
“So no time to waste, why don’t you go and get me a glass of wine, there’s a bottle in the kitchen ready chilled, and you will find a lovely apron laid out for you on the work-top. Hurry now or I may just forget where I left the key.”

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