Monday, December 24, 2012

It came oozing out of the taps whilst he was running his bath, thick black slime… seeking, enveloping, devouring.  Sensing his turned back, it leapt out, tangling round his arms, pulling him down so more sticky black strands could lash around his body. “Nooooo!” he moaned as his legs were crushed smaller and wicked black heels began to lengthen from his feet.  “Help!” he cried as his stomach sucked in and the black slime eagerly bonded to his flat new crotch, two bumps forming hot new breasts as the slime covered his entire torso.
He wanted to fight… wanted to resist, but it was too fast, too powerful and now it was oozing over his face, down his nose and into his mouth.  “Mmmmhhhppphhh,” groaned the masked doll as the slime caressed and throbbed inside her new body destroying her will, whispering darkness into her mind

For an hour or more he lay in the bath, the black slime oozing and pulsing over his body.  Moans of protest slowly turned to moans of pleasure and the bulge of breasts grew larger and the body more and more feminine.  “Mmmmmhhh,” gasped soft pink lips, dragging in air as the slime receded from her face and she lifted latex hands to coo and grope her fine new body.
Standing up with a clop in her wicked heels, the Queen walked towards the mirror and purring examined herself.  “Ooooh, I feel so good.”

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