Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bedtime Fun

It started with a text...

Mistress.  Do you think that you can sleep in the hogtied position?  Maybe on your side?

My reaction to this out of the blue question was a bit shocked.  We had not planned on any playtime this week.  Also, when responding to Mistress it's best to choose your words carefully.  My response.

Me.  I don't think that I have the endurance to go the whole night.  Perhaps a simpler position to start off with.

Mistress.  How about legs tied together?

Me.  Absolutely.

Mistress.  Great! Get some of my ropes and leg cuffs and locks together for me.  I plan to mainly use rope.  Also boobies and the cage are required for bedtime.

Me.  As you wish Mistress.

My thoughts... This is going to be a long night...

That night I was well prepared with everything that she had asked for.  We went to bed a bit early.  She said that she needed to get me ready for the night.  I got into bed and she tied me up for the night.  To where I could barely move.  But with a bit of a struggle, I could change positions.  After tying me she proceeded to tease me for awhile.  Knowing that in my chastity it is torture.  My little puss started leaking all over the place.  She only teased me for a few minutes though.  Then she rolled over to get herself ready for bed.  Lights out.

I didn't get much sleep.  It was definitively uncomfortable at times.  But for some reason it also turned me on.  I kept having these really crazy dreams when I did sleep.  About women chasing me, and I had to hide from them.  I wonder now what would of happened if they would of caught me... So it was a very long night.  And I usually have a hard on all night long.  So being in the chastity at night is no fun at all.  Plus puss leaks, because I'm thinking how hot it is that I'm tied up for the whole night.  But I did sleep.

The next day.  This was her text to me...

I haven't decided yet when I'm going to allow your relief.

Maybe never ;)

Thank you for making my fantasies come true!  You looked beautiful last night and I love that you are all mine.

My thoughts... Gulp... I'm all hers... I love the idea of this fantasy.  And I keep giving her ideas...  Why is it that I feel that I'm sealing my own fate?  Oh well.  I guess I should embrace the pain.  I told her that my pain is her pleasure.  I guess we will see how much pain I can take...

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