Friday, May 25, 2012

You don't get to release until I get an orgasm.  So you better do a good job.

Friday, May 11, 2012

This will teach you to bow to your mistress when she walks in the room.  A few hours like this should get you acquainted with the position.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Punishment

I've been in chastity for a while now... If you've never been in chastity before.  It can be a hard lesson in frustration.  Everything becomes a little more heightened.  It's an interesting feeling.  Let me give you some details about the cage.  

On the one hand, I feel very disconnected from my little clit.  I can't touch it.  And usually I can feel the fabric of my panties on it.  But in the cage there is no feeling what so ever.  

On the other hand,  every moment of the day is filled with the fact that I'm caged.  And I can't escape it.  Standing up, sitting down, walking, its there, in the middle of ever move I make.  

Then there is the fact that you must sit down to pee.  And you have to take toilet paper and wipe the end of the cage every time.  A very time consuming act.  

And if you get even a little bit excited.  The cage becomes very confined.  Very fast.  To the point that it is painful.  I don't have any spikes on the inside of mine.  Which a good thing.  Because I think that would make me a bloody mess.  

Lastly is the dribbling... After a very short time for some reason.  My little clitty begins to ooze.  And it is constantly making a mess.

It definitely makes for a more interesting day.    

So that brings me to the punishment.  A few days ago I made a bet with myself.  If my blog broke the record for the most views in one day.  Then I would have to wear the chastity for a 24 hour period.  Well of coarse that day broke the record for most views.  Thank you very much to all my new readers.  Said with a bit of sarcasm.  ;)

The problem was that it was a very difficult 24 hours.  And putting all the extra pressure of all the reasons listed above.  I backed out.  Shame on me...  So I've been in chastity punishment since then... But tonight is the last night!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Working hard to get all the chores done before Mistress gets home.  She said that I have to have this toilet so clean that I would be willing to lick it.  Because if it's not.  Then next time, I will be cleaning it with my tongue.