Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sissy had tried so desperately not to get hard. Tied into the chair at the end of Mistresses’ bed with her cage removed she didn’t want Mistress to know how much this turned her on. But, as she watched, wide eyed, the passionate scene before her, she couldn’t help herself.
She was amazed by how big Mistress’ new lover’s cock was, how wide it was stretching her pussy as he pounded into her with the stamina of a bull. As Sissy watched restlessly in her favourite pink lingerie, she realised just how inadequate she had been as a husband, and how she could never hope to provide Mistress with the pleasure she so obviously craved. No wonder Mistress had locked Sissy’s little thing away.
Sissy began to submit to her predicament, began to accept her arousal at this impressive performance. In frustration she began to grind herself onto her butt plug, causing her sissy clit to twitch. If she spurted now Mistress would tease her mercifully and her lover would probably laugh at her again, but Sissy was too far gone to care.

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