Wednesday, January 18, 2012

FemDom and the Art of the Strap-On: This is a good medium size one that is good for every day fucking.
It’s important to remember that you need to break him in slowly as you train his ass to take the strap-on. You also need to fuck him frequently… at least 2-3 times a week… because between fuckings, his little bitch hole will naturally tighten back up on you. It also needs to be consistent so that you can get him in the right frame of mind. He needs to expect it and know it’s going to happen whether he likes it or not.
You want to stretch out his boy hole to the point where after you lube him up, and press the dildo up against it, there is that initial resistance to penetration, so that you have to kinda maintain the pressure, and then when you thrust forward it just kinda pops in and goes in most of the way in so that after a few minutes you can start fucking him with it without a lot of resistance or discomfort or pain.
Start out with a small, thin one. After a few weeks move up to a medium size one.
For the next few weeks alternate between both the small and the medium size one.
When he gets to the point where he can easily take the medium size one, it’s time to introduce him to the big one. remember that each time you transition up to a bigger, thicker dildo, it will be like his hole is virgin all over again. Be patient, but determined. He will feel some discomfort. That’s normal until his bitch hole opens up and adjusts to the new size.
After that, you just alternate between the small and the medium and the big one, depending on your mood and the kind of experience you want him to have.
The small one is for making love, and emotional bonding. It’s the one you use when you get the urge to fuck him in the middle of the night, roll him over while he’s still half asleep, and just take his sweet ass with it. That kind of spontaneous action is important to do every once in a while because it reinforces in his mind that you own his ass and can take it and fuck it anytime you want.
The medium size one is for just general fucking and the one you should use most often. Once you’ve trained his ass, it should go in quite easily, like a hot knife into butter. You should be able to fuck him good and hard with it.
You should also get a second medium size dildo that is specially designed and shaped for milking his prostate and draining his balls of semen without letting him cum. These dildos will have a special bulb or knob at the end with a slight curve to it.

The big one is for those occasions when you really want him to really feel your authority. When you want him to know that he’s getting fucked. When you want him to feel it afterwards. This should be rare and special, perhaps 2-3 times a month. This is the dildo you should make him suck first. It should be a good tight fit, and should be uncomfortable for him at first, until you open up his ass with it. It should be the one he slightly fears.