Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just you wait Masturbator!  I was just like you once, a guy addicted to masturbating.  But my addiction got worse and worse, and before I knew it I became so obsessed with tits I wanted my own.  It was a masturbator’s dream come true!  I could goon to my own body!  It made me so hot, I kept making myself prettier and prettier, but the sexier I became, the harder it got for me to cum.  But I was still addicted to squirting penises.  So I started making other cocks cum instead of my own.  Now look at me.  I just sucked a guy during his lunch break, and 4 loads are still leaking out of my ass from last night!  I can’t stop!  I want cock.  I want cum.  I’m a cum pig and I love it!  It only took me two short years to get like this.  Two short years!  Just you wait, Masturbator!

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