Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just you wait Masturbator!  I was just like you once, a guy addicted to masturbating.  But my addiction got worse and worse, and before I knew it I became so obsessed with tits I wanted my own.  It was a masturbator’s dream come true!  I could goon to my own body!  It made me so hot, I kept making myself prettier and prettier, but the sexier I became, the harder it got for me to cum.  But I was still addicted to squirting penises.  So I started making other cocks cum instead of my own.  Now look at me.  I just sucked a guy during his lunch break, and 4 loads are still leaking out of my ass from last night!  I can’t stop!  I want cock.  I want cum.  I’m a cum pig and I love it!  It only took me two short years to get like this.  Two short years!  Just you wait, Masturbator!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

He had dreamed of being taken.. but this.. this was so total, so complete.  he knew he couldn’t resist, even if he wanted to.  She was so powerful.  He was so out of control it made him… made him…. Hers.  Of course.  At that precise moment he knew he had to serve.  Now and forever.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

In a Mistress's words...

Ladies, this is a highly recommended punishment / training tool for miscreant gurls, I find 30 minutes in the corner with this stretching my gurls hole has a wonderful effect on obedience. Note that as she tires in her heels and starts to sink a little she impales herself deeper on her anal probe so causing her to straighten up and remember the error of her ways before the cycle repeats again and again. I suppose some gurls might relish the opportunity to penetrate themselves on such a device and if this is the case then you must use a much larger dildo so it isn’t enjoyable or, if your gurl is a real cock slut, then this isn’t the device for you….. there must never be any topping from the bottom, gurls aren’t allowed things they enjoy.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Do you honestly think I tied you up like that so I could just suck your pathetic cock till you came? You idiot, I am going to play with you and see how much my pathetic slave can handle, see if he is a real man and can take orders from Mistress, see if he can be a good boy and do as he told while Mistress plays and plays.