Monday, May 16, 2011

Sweet Dreams

Sometimes I just don't want to wake up in the morning.  Sometimes it's because I don't want to go to work.  But sometimes it's because I'm having a really interesting dream.  Let me tell you about two dreams that I had recently.

The first one I started out being dresses feminine.  That's a usual occurrence  for me...  Then all of a sudden I was naked.  Somehow I started to suck on my own penis.  Which was a really strange sensation.  Then my penis started to grow even bigger.  It must of been 2 foot long.  I then had both hands on it. And stroking it. While I was still sucking on it.  Or should I say deep throating it.  Shortly after that I started to orgasm.  And yes, I had a wet dream.  

The second one was a rather long one.  I won't go into all the events.  But it did have me travel down towards the center of the earth.  Then with a volcanic eruption, while being under water thrust back up to the surface.  Shortly after that it really got interesting.  I was flirting with two girls.  One was more dominate than the other.  They were both incredibly beautiful.  The dominant one in particular had a big perfect ass.  I wanted her so bad.  But she said that that I could only use my tongue to touch her.  And I could only lick her ass.  So while I licked her ass the other girl was sucking on my fingers.  This went on for a long time until I woke up.

It's interesting to me how strong those sensations are.  And how real it feels at the time.

So I hope you have some sweet dreams too.  Because I know I will.