Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Saturday Afternoon

A Saturday afternoon can be spent many different ways.  Here is one of my favorite ways of relaxing the day away.

First is the outfit.  It is important to look your best when you are getting ready for a bondage session.  I have my larger size boobies on.  One of the advantages of being a sissy is that I can choose to have big boobies or smaller boobies.  Depending on the occasion.  My Mistress likes both.

I have on a baby blue t-shirt .  A yellow garter belt.  Cherry thigh-highs.  Cute little black shoes.  A black corset.  A yellow mini skirt.  And of coarse my chastity is on.

Mistress always starts things off with lots of kisses, and heavy petting.  It gets both of us going in a big way, before we get into the real fun.  The problem with that is. Having a chastity on while this is going on is very frustrating.  She knows this.  And enjoys it.

Right before the bondage begins the skirt comes off.  And by this time my little pussy is bright purple and straining to escape.  No hope of release yet.

It starts with a ball gag.  I like the pink one.  mmmm  Then the neck collar.  It's thick, with lots of places to fasten  things.  It also locks.  The bondage mittens are next.  I love that feeling of having my hands completely encased.  The bondage mittens are secured to the collar in back by a strap.  Next she positions me into a metal ankle restraints.  Then comes the rubber hood.  She carefully positions it on me.  Making sure the breathing holes are in the right place.  Then she zips up the back.  Finally she starts to pump up the hood.  Now I'm in total darkness.  And I can feel the tightness of the hood pushing all around my head.  It is a wonderful breathe taking experience.  Literally.

Last she puts some electric pads on my ass.  And turns on the current.  I can feel the electricity moving my muscles uncontrollably.  It takes a few minutes to settle down and get my breathing comfortable.  But then I relax into it.  And it feels like a warm hug around me.  I love bondage.

Mistress has left me alone there to enjoy myself.  She is not in the room with me.  But I know she is close enough to here my moans.  Eventually after a while it becomes increasingly difficult to balance.  Perhaps Mistress forgot that I was wearing heels.

I produce a few loud moans and she comes to check on me.  She makes the adjustment of tying my neck collar to a bar overhead to help secure my balance.  It makes me much more stable.  Now I'm able to rock back and forth finding a comfortable way to stand.  She also takes the electric pads off.  And while doing so gives me a little spanking to remember her by.  She then leaves me again.

Mistress was nice enough to leave the music on while she is gone.  My arms start to ache.  My feet start to hurt.  But I don't want to call her until I have too.  I can feel my hood filling up with my spit.  I can't hang on much longer...  Then finally I give in.  I can't go any longer.  I moan loudly again.  She asks me if I've had enough.  I shake my head yes.

The session only lasted a little over an hour.  But I'm completely spent.  I feel numb all over.  When she releases me.  I just hug her for a while trying to get my senses back.

We then take a short break and get some fluids.  After that we went and made love.  She eventually took off my chastity after I had pleased her and she had teased me to insanity.  I was dripping all over the place.  I almost cried at that point.  I was so happy.  My Mistress has truly made me one lucky sissy.  I love her so much.

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