Friday, April 15, 2011


My dreams have always been so very vivid. The first time that I ever dressed up was in a dream.  I was putting on a leotard.  In the dream as I was putting it on.  Pulling it slowly up my legs.  It felt almost electric.  It was truly an amazing feeling.  Shortly thereafter I was able to put a leotard on... And it felt the same way as it did in the dream.  Electric.

I've had so many dreams being dressed up as a woman.  But that's not all.  Sometimes I am a woman.  Those are sometimes difficult dreams to wake up from.  To be this one person that feels so real at the time.  That feels so right.  And then to wake up.  And be a completely different person is a little hard to adjust to.

I was also introduced to many different kinds of bondage in my dreams.  Lots of different positions to try out.  Or different situations to get into.  And then see if I could get out of it.

I don't know why I have these dreams.  But I've had thousands of them.  They have been an inspiration to me.  To try new things, and explore the unknown.  

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